Bentley Systems | Blog Redesign

To redesign blog.bentley.com to have a more modern design, while also consolidating multiple corporate blog outlets into one. 

I worked on all phases on this project from client meetings, site mapping, and designing mockups to implementation and deployment. 

The revamped Bentley Systems Blog was meticulously crafted to embody the essence of corporate branding, seamlessly blending aesthetic appeal with enhanced user experience. A primary focus was on optimizing content discovery visitors and content management for the corporate blog authors. To achieve this, I overhauled the information architecture, implementing a robust category system tailored specifically for authors use and management, ensuring articles are effortlessly organized and readily accessible. Additionally, integral features such as a search bar and topic filters were integrated, addressing the shortcomings of the initial blog iteration and empowering users with efficient content discovery tools.

View the live site: blog.bentley.com