Client: Frozen In Time Art

To redesign the client's existing website to be mobile friendly, easier to update the website content (text, images, and products), and creating an easy to manage online store front for their products. 

I worked on all phases on this project from client meetings, site mapping, and designing mockups to implementation and deployment. 

Palette & Design: 
I used arched image frames and kept a light color scheme to make the client’s product images pop and stand out. My goal was to keep the design minimal, modern and user-friendly.

The Solution:
I moved the client over to WordPress and designed their new website first in Photoshop and then into Elementor after the clients approval. To prevent the client from accidentally altering their design, I used Advanced Custom Fields in combination with Elementor’s dynamic tags. This way, the client would be able to make text, image, and product updates to their website without having to go into Elementor. I also made a new user category in the WordPress user system to create a more limited and easier to understand view of the WordPress dashboard for the client.