Sonoran Glass School

To redesign the website for a glassblowing, torchworking, and kiln-fusing school. The client emphasized that their most important request to keep in mind while desinging is that they wanted to be able to make text and image updates on their own. 

I worked on all phases on this project from client meetings, site mapping, and designing mockups to implementation and deployment. 

Palette & Design 
Since the colors from the logo are bright and vibrant like the color of glass, I used all of them on the design in big blocks of color as much as I could. I also decided to use a more fun and marker looking font, to give the site a more handmade feeling. To give the client the ability to make content updates without altering the design, I used Advanced Custom Fields in combination with Elementor’s dynamic tags. This way, the client would be able to make text, image, and product updates to their website without having to go into Elementor.